Some years ago the voters from the City and County of San Francisco voted to remove the present "Sewage Plant" which is more then 60 years old out of BayView - period. One could deal with a smaller plant but NOT one that is very old and takes in over 80% of the RAW SEWAGE of the City and County of San Francisco. This is BAD policy and should be changed.


This includes the Presdio of San Francisco. What sense does it make for sewage to come to the SouthEast Sewage Plant all the way from the Presidio. Also, the Presidio envisions increasing its population by 7000 - and it also proudly states that all that sewage will come to the SouthEast Sewage Plant.  The audacity of an entity that does little if nothing for the people of BayView.


Added to this the proposed Mission Bay expansion and over 50,000 people. There is the Day population of San Francisco and the Night population of San Francisco. The  Day population is estimated at over 1 million and may be more.


Yesterday, the San Francisco Public Utilities presented their plan - building  some new "Digestors" in District 10. This plan makes no sense at all.


We need to build a couple of new plants in other parts of the City. One plant that can be built is on the Presidio of San Francisco - it is easy  - there is land and the Ocean is a stone throw away.


The present plant at BayView should be removed in its totality. This was decided by the voters. Promised to the residents of BayView/Hunters Point several times by Mayor Willie Brown.


These new digestors can go some where far away from District 10.  The community is UNITED on this issue.


BayView/ Hunters Point has the highest percentage of asthma, breast cancer, and other diseases. Islais Creek has been polluted again and again. Please put a stop to all this nonsense - now.


There are plans to build "Digestors" by Islais Creek. A bridge by Islais Creek. The proposal of the " bridge" was stated at yesterday's presentation.  Right now many in the community are debating why have the "bridge" across Islais Creek at all. It is not needed.


The final Environmental Impact Reports on the " Digestors" has not been made. It is a fact if there is an earthquake - the present Sewage Plant at BayView will be affected. It is a fact that when there are heavy rains - raw sewage runs on some streets in the BayView District. It is a fact that the BayView/Hunters Point community does not want the old Sewage Plant and the new "Digestors" any where in District 10. Put them in the other districts. Hence this e-mail to all the Supervisors (many of whom I know), the S.F Port Authority, the City Administrator, MUNI, and others who are concerned.


The new PUC director was present yesterday at the SE Community Facility. She heard what the community had to say. Other issues mentioned:


1. Jobs for people in District 10.


2. Training as stated in 9916 and never ever implemented. Training at the Sewage Plant.


3. No discrimination at the worksite.  " No intimidation by symbols such as were found at the Water Treatment Plants".


4. We should repair our sewer and drain storm infrastructure which is over 70 years old.


5. Let the Presidio of San Francisco build their own Sewage Plant.


6. Move the " Digestors" to other Districts. May be 4 in each districts. Look at the Sewage Distribution as a whole. It is wrong to dump 80% of the sewage in the BayView District.


7. Have more open meetings with the community. More communication.


8. Right now Islais Creek is polluted. Stop the pollution.


9. Work with the community as a team. Right now the community does NOT want the "Digestors" in District 10.



Francisco Da Costa

Concerned and Informed Citizen

City and County of San Francisco