Movie Traffic filmed at Third and Chavez (6 Megs Quicktime)


Hey, speaking of "Straight Outta Hunters Point" the award winning film by Kevin Epps, this photo looks like "Straight Into Hunters Point" thanks to gentrification implemented by a host of bureacracies and corporations listed below.

The traffic you see in the film will be diverted to the proposed Illinois Street Bridge and destroy the local business and arts community, and create more pollution and environmental disease and destruction for District 10. The proposed bridge has been funded in collaboration with the Port of San Francisco, local industries with vested financial interests such as Catellus Corporation, Nor Cal Waste, Bode Concrete,SF Muni,SF DPW, SF PUC, , PG&E, Lennar Corp, SF ReDevlopment, Metropoliton Transportation Authority, Better Neighborhoods 2002, and many others.

Current estimated costs of this bridge are $15 to$17 million, not including related costs..Construction may span 18 months or more.

The City of San Francisco is in a budget crisis, and we see no need for another bridge only 200 feet to the east of the existing Third Street Bridge