Yesterday's meeting was an excellent one. This is how the public process ought to be conducted. It is always feasible  and easier to conduct such meetings in a small group. We can then move to a larger audience and do better. Provide precise information using a better format.


I suggest before the next meeting that you Nieta please contact David  Erickon who in turn can contact a few experts who can help you to use the latest computer formats to help the San Francisco Port Authority. I am at this time focusing on the next forum - using for example Power Point and other compatible media formats. Nieta I spoke to Dan a little and he can work with David to facilitate the end result. Right now we are just talking the basics.


Thank you for your patience, your understanding, and caring for the Public Process. It is important that the Trust given by the people of California to the S.F. Port Authority be carried out in a fair inclusive manner. The best possible manner is the Public Process - where sufficient notice is given and the Public invited as equal partners.


Francisco Da Costa