I know some of you personally and others I hope to know in the coming months. I am writing to you to bring to your attention about the San Francisco Port Authority (SFPA) and the proposed "movable bridge" on the Islais Creek. Please visit <http://www.islaiscreek.org>http://www.islaiscreek.org


Some greedy and corrupt developer is going to rake in billions on projects linked to the Mission Bay projects and other connected projects. You all know that the Burton machinery and Da Mayor has his finger in this pie. As representatives of the people - I am requesting you to ask the SFPA to provide your offices the pertinent documents linked to all these phony projects.


All lands that come under the jurisdiction of the SFPA is in TRUST given to the City and County of San Francisco  by the State of California- who in turn handed it to the SFPA to put to good use. Each and every Californian and in San Francisco -each and every San Franciscan is duty bound as a citizen to know what is happening. The reality is that decisions have been taken and the PUBLIC has been kept in the DARK. There has been NO public process. Some of us have brought this to the attention of the Commissioners of the SFPA.


There is something called due process. You hear about it all the time. There is something called the Sunshine Laws - they do mean a lot. I am requesting you all to please investigate about this so called "movable bridge". Also, about the light rail on 'Third Street".


Again and again we have brought before you the question of "sewage" and "energy". Where will all the sewage go? Who will provide the energy? I live in District 10 and no one knows about the "great designs" that the SFPA is going to impose on us and others. No one knows too much about certain "developers" who have the blessing of one who should be working for the people. The Burton machinery stinks!


For the first time in decades we have Supervisors who will stand their ground and fight for the people of San Francisco. I am bringing to your attention first hand and can provide you with detail information about 'many projects" which will adversely impact the citizens of San Francisco.


I am calling for a "Special Meeting" on the Islais Creek Movable Bridge. Also, on the light rail. The other factors like "sewage" and "energy" for starters. You can contact David Erickson (415) 821-9300 or Francisco Da Costa

(415) 816-2307.


Francisco Da Costa

San Francisco Citizen