Some Ideas From David Regarding the proposed Illinois Street Bridge and the Illinois Street  Re-Paving Project ,etc…


Negative Impacts:

1.Loss of half of  our street

2 Total loss of  existing parking and recreation on East side of Illinois street

3. Loss ( or reduction) of Kal Garden

4. Loss of  Fire Pit area

5. Loss of Ohlone Park & green area on east side of street

6.Severe  loss or dramatic reduction of work, recreation, gardening, etc.. on west side of Illinois

6. Loss or total loss employee parking, delivery truck parking,  cliental parking,  guest parking,,etc..

7. Potential for severe inter-neighbor competition and adversity as a result of loss of the above categories.

8. Stop Lights at Marin and Illinois as well as Chavez and Illinois

9. 24/ 7 traffic noise,( equivilant to Third or Chavez Street)

10. 24/7 exhaust and hydrocarbon pollution.  Respirtory , cancer and nervous system hazards- (see SEIR reports )

11. Complete loss of the ability to perform a U-turn 

12. Potential for total loss or partial loss of loading docks and parking at west side of Illinois

13.     Loss of continuity of existing access and connection to other Islais Creek open spaces

14.     Enviromental impacts to Muwekma Ohlone Park

15.     9 months to one year construction period

16.     Ball game traffic, etc…

Potential Positive Impacts

1.    Mitigation measures for community

2.    Mitigation measures for the Ohlone Park