Illinois Street Bridge- Letter to Port on October 17, 2001


i too wanted to thank you for coming on monday evening, and for the analysis that you had clearly undertaken in response to the last public meeting.


i also wanted to go ahead and summarize what have been thus far identified as significant illinois st bridge practical design elements that would best serve both the port and the local constituency (if an alignment off the illinois st right of way  -- either a michigan street option or a smaller movement east -- is shown to be undesirable/unworkable and a bridge is going forward):



- grade the 1800 block of illinois street so all building bays are at drive-in height (our own cad analysis suggests this is possible)



- maintain access to the parks at islais creek on both sides of illinois st (in addition to a path down the east side of the street, i would request the port take a look at concrete access ramps)



- limit the southern access to an illinois st intermodal bridge to an eastward ramp (mitigates traffic/pollution problems)



- maintain parking (parallel or right angle) on the east side of illinois st. (preference would be for the bridge to stay in its most eastward position, and the additional space come from port property adjacent to the road right of way)



- i would seriously request that the port consider creating a strip of public open green space (32'-40' wide) along the east side of illinois st. running from marin st. to islais creek and the mu*wekma pocket park. this could be populated with grass, trees and other greenery as well as picnic tables, etc. it could then be used by local workers (from private business and the port of san francisco ) for lunch and recreation as well as substantively demonstrating the port's commitment to the welfare of the bayview community.



- work with residents on a traffic signal/plan for the illinois st - marin st. junction.


finally, it would be helpful if the port were able to provide an outline for a phased construction plan with schedule that would demonstrate how the project could be undertaken without driving the businesses on this block out of business. this is an especially important consideration given the difficult economic climate following the terrorist attacks, etc. which is particularly challenging to small businesses. we would also ask that this plan include provisions for parking area on port property during the construction period.


again, i appreciate the work you have undertaken thus far, and look forward to continuing this diaqlogue. as nick merz mentioned in his previous email (copied below), we would also welcome the opportunity to sit down at some point apart from a formal public meeting and discuss technical issues relating to the design of the illinois street (or michigan street) intermodal bridge.