Action Items Resulting From September 6, 2001

Illinois Street Bridge Community Meeting



On September 6, 2001 at Pier 80, Port staff met with community members to discuss the proposed Illinois Street Rail/Truck Bridge over Islais Creek and to solicit input from the community regarding project impacts.


The majority of the community members in attendance were tenants of the industrial building fronting the west side of Illinois Street between Marin Street and Islais Creek.  Community members stated that the bridge placement on the Illinois Street right-of-way would negatively impact the loading/unloading access to the industrial building, will reduce the availability of on-street parking spaces, will increase traffic in the area and will impact the habitat and marine species.  Community members asked Port staff to evaluate alternatives/revisions to the proposed bridge project to lessen the impacts cited.  Port staff agreed to evaluate the following items and provide responses to the community members.



1.     Evaluate realigning the proposed bridge structure easterly (not within the Illinois Street right-of-way).


2.     If the bridge is to remain in the Illinois Street right-of-way, evaluate raising the entire 80’ roadway width to match the bridge incline in order that the resulting roadway will serve the loading bays along the easterly elevation of the industrial building.


3.     Identify options to provide parking in the vicinity to replace on-street parking that would be lost as a result of the bridge project.


4.     Evaluate roadway surfaces other than metal grates to be used on the proposed bridge in order to reduce traffic noise and improve bicycle safety.


5.     Evaluate the options for more direct pedestrian connections between the existing Tulare Pedestrian Path (connecting Illinois Street with 3rd Street) and the proposed Muwekma Ohlone Shoreline Park (easterly of Illinois Street).


6.     Identify landscaping options for all bridge alternatives.