Port Commission Meeting

On Proposed Illinois Street Rail and Truck Bridge

September 25, 2001 at Pier 1

Questions for Port and other agencies affiliated with the bridge project

From the community constituents:  mailto:david@islaiscreek.com        

  1. Define the exact sources and amounts and terms of funding for the bridge
  2. Identify and define all data that  define any critical needs for the bridge
  3. Define all civil engineering and other related costs associated with the bridge
  4. Define all benefits to community via the bridge, as opposed to benefits to industry and associated developments in the area.
  5. Define all habitat, marine, air quality, environmental, air  and health impact studies on record as it pertains directly to the bridge and adjacent development.
  6. Has there been any recent habitat studies of both uplands and inter tidal zones that relate directly to the bridge?  Please provide copies if said studies exist.
  7. Define exactly the number of  annual rail and truck cargo  transports between Pier 80 and Pier 90, 92, 94 and 96, for the last 5 years.
  8. Define exactly the correlation between the bridge and the following:

SF DPW Illinois Street Re Paving Project, SF Muni  Electric new yard, PAC, Backlands and the Industry Group, Mission Bay Development, Central Water Front Plan, Proposed Potrero Power Plant Expansion, UCSF Campus, SF Redevelopment Agency Hunters Point Bay View Revitalization Concept, Third Street Light Rail, Sewage sludge digester towers, Catellus Corporation, SF Muni Diesel Bus Facilities on Islais Creek both east and west sides of Third Street.

       9. Quantify the long term increases of truck and civilian traffic projections per the   

           bridge, and also quantify the increases of emissions anticipated factoring in all

           upcoming developments or industry that will utilize the Bridge.

      10. Describe the financial prudency of said project as factored into  local current real  

            estate  & construction markets, war,&  recession. (14.8% vacancy rates in SF )

  1. Has the US Fish and Wildlife Service received documents or application permits for the bridge? Please define documentations, if so.
  2. Similarly, have the following regulatory agencies been contacted?  US Coast Guard, Army Corps of Engineers, BCDC, EPA, BAAQMD, etc..and if so, where can these permits be located? Are there any other permitting agencies in process?
  3. Has the commercial fishing industry been notified about the bridge?
  4. Define all alternatives to the bridge in terms of location, (as opposed to design )
  5. Define all  existing cross creek rail  and truck routes and all Hwy 101 & 280 connectivity routes for Piers 80 and the Backlands.
  6. Is the most important purpose of the Bridge to actually facilitate a new major  north - south traffic corridor  on Illinois Street, and to a lesser degree to improve Port inter model connectivity on the south and north shores of Islais Creek?

YES or NO?

  1. Are there any alternatives  proposed for the Bridge utilizing other locations than

Illinois Street, or alternatives that use and retrofit the current inter model infrastructure?