Mr. Wong:


I have appeared twice before the Port Commission and find the issue linked to " Draw Bridge - Islais Creek" baffling.


I have stated this before and will state it again - there has been NO due public process on this issue involving the citizens of San Francisco. Please forward this e-mail to those commissioners and S.F.P.A. staff who can make a difference.


Right now the main contention seems to be focused on money. A rich developer has committed some money and so the San Francisco Port Authority (S.F.P.A.) is bending backwards to accommodate this " rich developer".


I fully understand that the S.F.P.A. is required to be self reliant fiscally. I also understand that all the land that comes under the S.F.P.A. is in Trust and given to the S.F.P.A. by the State of California on behalf of the citizens of California and in this case more so the citizens of San Francisco.


You and others should be fully cognizant of the fact that as far as the proposed Islais Creek Bridge is concerned many critical elements are not in place. The Corps of Engineers and the Coast Guard do not have the full facts to approve this "proposed bridge". Environmental concerns impacting the surrounding area have NOT be conducted by the S.F.P.A. It is a fact that there are over 7 endangered species in the exact area where the S.F.P.A. proposes to build a " so called draw bridge/ moveable structure/ no one knows what".


Most citizens in San Francisco know NOTHING about this bridge. I suggest that the S.F.P.A. publish a small leaflet and have some information in the local newspapers. If everything is fine - no one has anything to fear.


It is imperative that the PUBLIC PROCESS be respected. Please do not underestimate the ordinary San Franciscan who has and will uphold the Sunshine Laws which have NOT been followed in this case.


At the S.F.P.A. Commission hearing it seemed that this so called rich developer and his 4.3 million was all that mattered.


At the previous hearing I attended all that mattered was the 425 room hotel to be built on the water front. Years ago we had a proposition - voted by all the citizens that prohibited tall buildings on the Water Front. With 60% of hotel vacancy why do we need another White Elephant on the Water Front? Why back some business men from Taiwan?


In conclusion the " so called movable bridge" is really NOT required. It will save the S.F. Port Authority millions of dollars. The light rail on 3rd Street is another one of those designs that impact the poor and favor the rich.


The S.F.P.A. should look at building a Sewage Plant to accommodate all the designs that want to cater to the needs of those thousands whose money this "rich developer" will rake in money. Let NOT the sewage go to the Bay View.


Let this "rich developer" also arrange for his own "energy source" - let is NOT hamper the development in District 10 and the surrounding areas. We already have problems with our energy source.


The Mission Bay Project will and is hard hit by the present economy. I have seen condominiums for sale for over $800,000 and then the same condominiums go down to $500,000 and soon it will go down to $300,000. You get the picture. When will this GREED stop? You see sell a couple of condominiums and pay for the bridge which will most probably be named after the "developer or some crony!". I personally find this "disgusting".


I personally do not find the S.F.P.A. Commission meetings viable. The two times I attended the meetings the sound system did not do justice. The meetings should encourage dialogue and clear communication. This did not happen the last two times I was present. Please upgrade the sound system and make sure that all those present can participate by hearing every word that is spoken. I have addressed my concerns to a few - who I believe can make a difference.



Francisco Da Costa

Citizen of San Francisco